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Author: BEVAN


Everyone knows Sydney Harbour. At least, we think we do. Everyone can see the harbour, whether we have ever been to Sydney or not. By as little as a word or two, the harbour floats into our mindís eye. The Bridge. The Opera House. Fireworks on New Yearís Eve. When we see those images, we feel a sense of belonging. No matter who we are or where weíre from, we see the harbour and we feel good. In this beautiful, authoritative and meditative journey, Scott Bevan takes us from cove to cove, by kayak, yacht and barge to gather the harbourís stories, past and present, from boat builders, ship captains and fishermen to artists, divers, historians and environmentalists, from signs of ancient life to the submarine invasion by the Japanese. This is the ultimate story of Sydney Harbour Ė a cityís heart and a country's soul. HB 656 pages

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