Ballast Water Record Book: 3rd Edition


Code: 07145

Author: Seamanship International

Ballast Water Record Book: 3rd Edition

Ballast Water Record Book: 3rd Edition In line with the Ballast Water Management Convention (2004), all ships of 400 GT and above are required to keep a record of each ballast water operation performed on board. This handy record book is an essential tool for achieving compliance with these regulations, providing step-by-step instructions and blank record tables for both routine and non-routine ballast water operations. The Ballast Water Management Convention (2004) requires all ships to implement a ballast water management plan; ships must carry a ballast water record book (BWRB) and complete ballast water management procedures to a given standard. With the Convention entering into force in September 2017, providing evidence that ballast water procedures have been carried out correctly is more important than ever. This BWRB provides the means to record all the information necessary for compliance with the BWM Convention in a practical and intuitive layout, designed by the seafarer for the seafarer. Split into three sections, the record book provides detailed and step-by-step instructions for completing record tables on ‘General Vessel Information’, ‘Routine Ballast Water Management’ and ‘Non-Routine Ballast Water Management’. As well as these clear and straightforward record tables, also included are a helpful sample page, illustrating example routine ballast water operations, and plan views of ballast tanks that can be adapted to suit all ship types.

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