IMO117E ISM Code & Guidelines (2014)


Code: IMO117E

Author: IMO

IMO117E ISM Code & Guidelines (2014)

The International Safety Management (ISM) Code means the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention adopted by the International Maritime Organization by resolution A.741 (18). The ISM Code is the standard for establishing a system for the safe management and operation of vessels and for pollution prevention. It sets rules for the organisation of the owner or company management in relation to safety and pollution prevention, and for the implementation of a Safety Management System (SMS). The system will have to be approved by the flag Administration, or an organisation recognised by it (normally Classification Societies), then a Certificate is issued. An owner can manage his own ship or appoint a management company, but for the first time, the owner or company ashore (the office not just the ship) has to be approved and have a Certificate

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