Mirror of the Australian Navigation


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Author: LE MAIRE

Mirror of the Australian Navigation

The first voyage to open up the Pacific via Cape Horn. The search for Terra Australis, directly inspired by the Portuguese navigator Pedro Ferdinandez de Quiros' voyage of 1605-1606. The first faithful reproduction of the book since 1622, and first ever reproduction of the rare original coloured illustrations. The first time the English text of Alexander Dalrymple has been issued together with the original Dutch work. A new examination of the Dutch East Indies Company and their monopoly of the spice trade. Essay written by Dr Edward Duyker, New South Wales History Fellow, and expert on Dutch Australian history. In this series, the original Dutch edition is accompanied for the first time by a faithful facsimile of the English text prepared by one of the great Pacific historians of the eighteenth century, Alexander Dalrymple. Alexander Dalrymple was the first and only scholar to produce a detailed study of the Le Maire voyage in an English edition, published in 1770 in An Historical Collection of the Several Voyages and Discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean. Dalrymple was the leading English hydrographer of his time, and his work reflects his passionate involvement in the centuries-old debate over the possible existence of a southern continent - the fabled Terra Australis. One of the documents central to Dalrymple's debate was the journal of the Le Maire expedition. In fact Number 3 in the Australian Maritime Series was Dalrymple's An Account of the Discoveries made in the South Pacifick Ocean previous to 1764. 196 pages HB.

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