Ocean Warriors


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Ocean Warriors

From the author of the iconic Captain G-String. Considered by many his best book yet, Ocean Warriors tells the story of a young Sea Shepherd volunteer desperately searching for reason of the senseless bloodbath she witnessed in a Japanese cove. She is scarred by the bruatlity as a handsome man casually returns her gaze as he reaches down to firmly grasp, then knife, the throat of another baby dolphin. Escaping to Bali in a struggle to heal her demons, she becomes caught in secrets so dangerous and damming they ignite a deadly vendetta spanning three continents. Lust, violence and uncanny twists of the fate spiral out of control as several unlikely mavericks join forces in their quest to see justice done. They are the Ocean Warriors. Their shared lack of conformity and passion for life will have you laughing and gasping through revenge, erotic love affairs and some good story telling. PB 350 pages

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