Finding Pax


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Finding Pax

In 1936, on the island Denmark where the oldest oak tree in Europe grows, a lone boat builder nicknamed the perfectionist crafted a boat with his hands. 70 years later in Port Townsend, Washington just minutes after a near catastrophe was averted in the marina outside her office window a woman opened an email. A Danish spidsgatter named Pax was for sale in Victoria, British Columbia. Around-the-world sailor, writer, and traveler Kaci Cronkhite knew better than to buy a wooden boat. But in 2007 smitten by the buxom curves of Pax and inspired by a life in the wind she did. The mystery of the journey that brought the two together became a quest that connected families in three countries with history that had been lost. What Kaci didn't know - what no one knew -was where and how far Pax had journeyed, what she survived those seven decades and what those who loved her would always remember. PB 199 pages

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