All the Way Round


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All the Way Round

In 2010, Stuart Trueman set out on a sixteen-month circumnavigation of Australia by kayak - an extraordinary feat that had been achieved only twice before. Stuart's epic paddle of 17,000 kilometres saw him face many challenges - the non-stop crossing of mighty 200-kilometre cliff formations, huge seas, dangerous surf, sleeping whales, inquisitive sharks, large crocodiles and the sheer, relentless physical grind of paddling round Australia's massive coastline. What's more, it was an adventure on a shoestring, with no support team - just a powerful belief in the philosophy of Do-It-Yourself, and the kindness and help of the many people he met along the way. From heatstroke in the tropical north to hypothermia in the Southern Ocean, Stuart experienced all the hardships and wonders of Australia's amazingly diverse geography. Filled with wry humour and resilience, All the Way Round is a gripping account of a voyage that vividly brings to life the coasts of our incredible continent.

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