The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists


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Author: DEFOE

The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists

Just make sure we've got plenty of hams on board. I didn't really enjoy our last adventure much because we ran out of hams about halfway through. And what's my motto? I like ham! It is 1837, and for the luxuriantly bearded Pirate Captain and his rag-tag pirate crew, life on the high seas has gotten a little dull. With nothing to do but twiddle their hooks and lounge aimlessly on tropical beaches, the Captain decides it's time they had an adventure. A surprisingly successful boat raid leads them the young Charles Darwin, in desperate need of their help. And so the pirates set forth for London in a bid to save the scientist from the evil machinations of a diabolical Bishop. There they encounter grisly murder, vanishing ladies, the Elephant Man - and have an exciting trip to the zoo. PB 199 pages For kids of all ages

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