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Yacht Designer’s Notebook

$44.95 GST

This fully revised third edition of a classic manual is a mine of information for yachtsmen to customise their boats.

This is an abundance of clear illustrations accompanied by concise explanations cover the following subjects: hull construction and repairs; keels, floors and decks; rudders, tillers and steering gear; cabin tops and cockpits; hatches and ventilation; cabin furniture; chain plates; deck and cockpit fittings; pulpits, stanchions and guardrails; spars, mast fittings and steps; sails and rigging; engines and electrics; tanks, piping and plumbing; yacht tenders, dinghies and life-rafts; anchors, chains and warps; fitting out and laying up.

Ian Nicolson is one of the most prolific yachting writers.

Paperback : 192 pages

SKU: P9847

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