Yacht Design According To Perry

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More cruising sailboats have been built to Robert Perry designs than to those of any other designer. Perry coined the term “performance cruising” and initiated the trend towards fast voyaging sailboats with his world-famous Valiant 40, which has been in production longer than any other cruising boat in the United States. Here is Bob’s own story about the benchmark boats of his 34-year career and the people and processes that shaped such classics as the Valiant 40, Islander 28, and Nordic 44; the Perry designed Passport yachts; Night Runner; the double-ended Taiwan-built Tayanas, Tashibas, and Babas; Yoni, the ultimate bluewater cruiser; the Stevens 53 Motorsailer; the fast cruising sleds Icon and White Eagle; and many others. Bob Perry is one of the few designers as comfortable with words as he is with designs. He is never shy about expressing his opinions, and his opinions are always worth listening to. Presented with Perry’s characteristic verve and wit, Yacht Design According to Perry is a resource no sailing enthusiast, yacht designer or boatbuilder will want to be without. 280 pages HB.