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Wrecks on the NSW Coast

$18.65 GST

More ships have been lost of the coast of New South Wales and more undiscovered shipwrecks remain in these waters than any other stretch of coastline in Australia.

There is a strange and tragic inevitability surrounding disasters at sea, particularly if they leave a wide spread of wreckage to wash ashore, or perhaps a battered hulk slowly disintegrating under the ceaseless pounding of giant waves. Tragic though the recording of so many disasters may be, there are also lively and exciting stories of heroism, daring, self sacrifice and colourful deeds to add to our heritage of maritime history.

This book, the result of many years of intensive research records more than 1500 wrecks from the early eighteenth century to recent years and is illustrated by a remarkable collection of photographs.

Hardback : 178 Pages

SKU: p9825

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