Wooden Boatbuilding

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The Sydney Wooden Boat School Manuals
by Ian Hugh Smith


In an extensive career Ian Hugh Smith has built over 80 boats and taught hundreds of first-timers the skills they need to build their own boats through the Sydney Wooden Boat School. A series of manuals on different methods of construction grew out of the different courses in the School, and now in retirement Ian has combined these manuals into one edition as well as adding some new work. The manuals cover Building a Traditional Clinker Dinghy, Epoxy Strip Planking, Plywood Clinker Construction and Building the Whiting Skiff. There is an extensive new section on Carvel Planking, and an article on choosing a putt-putt launch to restore. There is also a guide to the different methods of construction available and how you should choose which method to use, as well as choosing the design to build. All of the information embodies Ian’s extensive experience in the field and distils the information you need to build your own wooden boat.
PB 220 pages