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Waterproof Large Phone Case

$34.95 GST

This large waterproof phone case is ideal for larger smart phones and is 100% waterproof to a depth of 20 ft. These quality waterproof cases offer far more than just waterproof protection, they allow you to capture your adventure on film, snap that perfect selfie while swimming and have clear communication in windy or wet conditions.

While it’s nice to escape from technology, it’s also smart to have the ability to connect with friends, family or emergency services if required.

It’s also nice to know that no matter what the weather dishes out or whatever conditions you face on your next adventure, be it mud, sand, dirt, or snow your device is safely protected.

Devices remain fully functional through our TPU case on land or the surface of the water and your device will be protected if submerged. Please note that phone signal will be lost underwater, and capacitive touch screens won’t work underwater, you will need to start video on the surface or use your side buttons underwater rather than using the touch screen.


Online Shopping