Voices From the Sea

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Record-setting races, voyages of exploration, epic battles with the weather and shipwreck survivals are just some of the tales told in “Voices from the Sea”. Historical feats such as Robin Knox-Johnston’s record for the fastest non-stop circumnavigation of the globe and the legendary Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic mission range alongside modern achievements such as those of French adventurer Raphaela le Gouvello, who traversed the Indian Ocean solo in 2006 and stories from some of the world’s most gruelling challenges – the Fastnet, Sydney-Hobart and Vendee races. This beautiful tribute to some of the world’s most stunning and savage seas, sailors and explorers provides accounts of some of the greatest feats of human endurance, fascinating tales and intriguing facts about some of Earth’s most interesting and unpredictable waters, enabling you to experience the majesty and grandeur of the seas and the terrifying challenges they faced. 192 pages HB.