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UN-Adult A-Rated Wally

$49.95 GST

16 of Wally’s Best Stories, un-cut, un-edited and un-usually fun reading!

by Wally Moran

The UN-ADULT A-RATED Wally by Cruising World Magazine contributor, Wally Moran, is a collection of 16 of Wally’s best stories, un-cut, un-edited, and un-usually fun reading!

Wally’s often philosophical humor and his tongue-in-cheek outlook on life, as well as all things sailing and cruising related will take you on a journey through the realities, and often the tribulations, of the sailing and cruising lifestyle. But good or bad, Wally always finds the best in the cruising life as he opens a porthole for sailors, cruisers, and wanna-be cruisers into the world of the liveaboard cruising sailor. Whether you are new to sailing and boating, or a seasoned veteran cruiser, you will either be amazed or smiling knowingly, at the honest assessments Wally makes in his sometimes satirical, sometimes downright funny tales of life aboard boats.

Paperback : 82 pages

Author: Wally Moran

SKU: P9112

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