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UFFA: Yachting’s Eccentric Genius

$75.00 GST

Uffa Fox was the most celebrated and successful yacht designer in the world.

Much more than a sailor and boat designer, he was an irrepressible extrovert and novel thinker, as well as a singer, musician, journalist, author, painter, sportsman, campaigner, controversial businessman and friend of royalty.

In the years since his death his reputation has grown rather than diminished. This new biography, the first for fifty years, celebrates a Universal Man who not only changed his sport, his Island, and the lives of his friends, but also left an unfillable void. Such people are rare, and his story deserves to be remembered.

Author: Malcolm Turner

Hardback : 210 pages

SKU: P9030



… a working-class legend who transformed dinghy sailing through his visionary designs and fine craftsmanship. A fearless renegade who took on the establishment and poked fun at social norms… Fox makes a compelling subject and his life is packed with good stories… I do agree with the book’s subtitle. Uffa certainly was eccentric and he was, by most measures, a genius.

Nic Compton – WoodenBoat Magazine –01/01/24

About the Author

Malcolm Turner is an author, publisher, and the founder of Sunrise Publishing. A former journalist with a lifelong interest in leadership, he spent many years of his life devising and organising events which celebrate the work of leaders and achievers. He lives by the coast with his wife, Sue, and an irascible Yorkshire Terrier called Toby. He is the author of The Honourable Member, Blueline (2017); BOAC and the Golden Age of Flying, Burnt Ash (2019); Britain’s Airline Entrepreneurs, Burnt Ash (2020) and Ari, Jackie & Maria, Sunrise (2022). In spring 2023 he published, UFFA: Yachting’s Eccentric Genius.

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