Tying And Fishing Outstanding Flies

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Whether you are a veteran fly fisher – or a novice casting your first hand-tied fly, Tying and Fishing Outstanding Flies shows you a better way. In this thoroughly illustrated guide, fly shop owner Doug Stewart introduces a simple and unique fly tying methodology that he has developed over 40 years as a fly fisherman and fly

tying instructor. In a clear, conversational style, supplemented with hundreds of his own detailed drawings, Stewart shows you step by step how to tie durable flies that fish can’t resist. He explains how, where, and when each fly works best, based on the fish’s habitat, feeding habits, and time of year, and he offers sage advice on how to present each fly most effectively.

You’ll also learn which tools are optional and which are necessary to set up your own tying bench, and you’ll find helpful suggestions on how to conceive, design, and create your own effective patterns. This indispensable guide features:

Flies for trout, bass, panfish, steelhead, and salmon
Step-by-step instructions illustrated with 240 drawings
Insightful tips on how to increase your success on the stream
Full-color photos of more than 100 finished flies
Multiframe close-up color photo sequences of key techniques