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True Spirit New Edition

$22.95 GST

The new fully updated edition captures all of Jessica’s adventures in the 12-month period since her return from sailing around the world, plus features many new photos as well.

“It was such a whirlwind year that seemed to go by so fast. I didn’t realise how much I’d done until I actually started penning the new chapters of True Spirit. But I’m really pleased with it and hope everyone else enjoys reading it too,” said Jessica.

In True Spirit she details the extensive preparation she and her team made for the big voyage, her journey and the battles she fought along the way – against sleep deprivation, gale-force winds mountainous seas and the solitude most of us can only imagine. When she sailed back into Sydney Harbour on 15 May 2010, after 210 days at sea, she was cheered in by a huge crowd that included Kevin Rudd. To many, Jessica was our newest hero. She disagreed, saying she wasn’t a hero, “just an ordinary girl who had a dream and worked hard at it and proved that anything is possible”. This is her story.
P/B 386pages

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