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Tales of an Enchanted Yacht

Designed by Herreshoff in 1935, the magnificent Ticonderoga is still sailing the Seven Seas. This book tells the tale of one of the biggest and most handsome yachts ever built.

Launched as Tioga in 1936, this glorious ketch finished first in twenty-four of her initial thirty-seven races. Renamed Ticonderoga in 1946, she went on to set more elapsed-time records than any ocean racer in history.

Ticonderoga held more than thirty course records in races on several oceans, surpassing even the best performances of the hard-driven nineteenth-century clipper ships. But Ticonderoga wasn’t designed for racing. Her creator, L. Francis Herreshoff, shaped her for genteel “afternoon sailing,” giving her uncommon elegance of form with a clipper bow, elliptical transom, raked rig, gilded garnish, and a bathtub.

It is these qualities of unsurpassed opulence and beauty, combined with her astonishing speed, that have made Big Ti so incomparable.

Author : Jack A. Somer

Hardback: 200 pages.

SKU: P8745

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