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The Union-Castle Line: Sailing Like Clockwork

$60.00 GST

Sailing like Clockwork

by Mike Roussel and Sam Warwick

Sailing Like Clockwork

This book charts the history of the British shipping company, the Union-Castle Line. Carrying mail, passengers and cargo between the UK and South Africa, the line began in the middle of the 19th century and ran until its demise in 1977, a victim of emerging competition from jet aircraft, increasing fuel costs and containerization of cargo.

This volume investigates the requisition and use of the company vessels for military transportation, identifying the war losses in both World Wars, and includes a review of Union-Castle shipwrecks and some examples of wrecks that have been dived. There are also in-depth and personal accounts of life when in port and on board from dockers, passengers, crew and employees.

Hardback : 191 pages


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