The Sea is so Great

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A small boat voyage in the Pacific Ocean

by award-winning BOC competitor Alan Nebauer

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In 1987 Alan Nebauer was preparing to sail single-handed around the world in the small 25-foot yacht he had fitted out. But things didn’t turn out quite as he planned. Within weeks he was married, and instead of setting off alone, he was sailing with his new wife Cindy.

This is an account of Alan and Cindy’s early adventures at sea, getting to know each other and building a life together cruising in a small yacht almost 25,000 miles around the Pacific.
As well as illuminating the minutiae and daily challenges of life on board a small boat with almost none of the sophisticated technology available today, the story puts the reader in the middle of storms at sea; introduces the eclectic bunch of fellow travellers and characters they met along the way; paints tantalising pictures of locations they explored; and describes some of the difficulties involved in starting a family while following an adventurous roving lifestyle.

This story offers a window into a nautical lifestyle far from the tourist trail, journeying through small, remote ports and locations accessible only by boat among a close community of others living the cruising life. This inspiring record of a timeless journey will appeal to sailing and adventure enthusiasts as well as general interest travel readers.

PB 174 pages