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The Sailing Kitchen: Food Created by a Sailing Cook to Bring the Sparkle of the Sea Into Your Life

$24.95 GST

The Sailing KitchenFood Created by a Sailing Cook to Bring the Sparkle of the Sea Into Your Life


An handy cookbook compilation of recipes created from family and worldly travel experiences and presented to hundreds of guests aboard a luxurious charter yacht sailing around the glorious Mediterranean sea.

When it comes to cooking out at sea, it’s important to have your galley filled with basic cooking equipment and pantry stocked with basic essentials. The Sailing Kitchen cookbook will highlight the basic pantry goods you will need and educate you how to store produce in way that will simultaneously minimise spoilage and increase the longevity of your produce.

Whether you’re out at sea or in the comfort of your home kitchen, The Sailing Kitchen is a cookbook that serves as a guide and as a source of inspiration when entertaining guests or cooking for one.

Within The Sailing Kitchen cookbook you’ll find chapters on meat, cheese, ‘fruits of the sea’, salads, pasta, nibbles with drinks, rice, simple vegetables such as potato, cabbage and the most common of all canned foods, tuna!

The Sailing Kitchen will energise you preparation of every meal of the day.

  • Discover how to create delicious fluffy Orange pikelets with caramelised fruit and golden caramel sauce for breakfast
  • Learn to satisfy sweet cravings with delights like a plum lemon and Amaretto cake.
  • Fulfill your savoury cravings with Greek style eggs, a Dutch style bouncer or a decedent bacon butty plus much more.

All dishes contained the cookbook are bursting with flavour and designed for all foodies with a passion for eating and cooking.

The Sailing Kitchen is THE go to cookbook when the seas are calm or high and you want to transform fresh produce and shelf items into crowd pleasing, attractive meals

Author : Lara Reynolds

Paperback : 100 pages

SKU: P7355



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