The Royal Navy in Australia 1900-200

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This is a remarkable pictorial history of the presence of the Royal Navy in Australian waters, both as based units and visiting ships during the 20th Century.

The authors have written a preamble text to explain the nature of the book and from there on — pictures and more pictures of ships. Among them are a number of well known ships from the between wars period (1919 – 1939), World War II and post war visits. Readers will be surprised to see photographs of large ships, the presence of which in most cases was not known to the general public. A number of the ships shown have been visited by this reviewer and the photographs bring back memories of an era and situations, the like of which are likely never to be seen again.

Photographs run to 122 pages and are well chosen, clear and show great detail in most cases. They are expressively captioned, which will appeal to modellers and readers in general. This book is highly recommended on all counts and should grace the libraries of naval enthusiasts with interests in warships in general.

A well presented book