The Lake

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Exploring a splendid sheet of water.

Scott Bevan


It is Australia’s largest coastal saltwater lake, with 174 kilometres of shoreline. It is the heart, soul and lifeblood of a city. And it is only about 100 kilometres north of Sydney.

Yet Lake Macquarie is a stunning Australian jewel that relatively few have explored.

Scott Bevan sets out to bring this jewel into the light in The Lake, a poetic and beautiful voyage through words. In his kayak, Scott takes us on a journey right around Lake Macquarie. We travel in and out of its dozens of bays and villages, and around its islands.

Scott introduces us to the characters who have lived, worked and played on the lake and around its shores, from boatbuilders and environmentalists to scientists and Indigenous leaders, from historians and artists to sailors and adventurers.

We learn about the lake’s history, diving into the events that have shaped not just this place but the region. And we look at the challenges the lake faces as it flows into the future.

Above all, we discover why Lake Macquarie is, to use the description of a 19th century visitor, a splendid sheet of water.