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The Complete RIB Manual

$59.95 GST

A practical handbook for RIB owners – and prospective RIB owners – covering everything from history to handling and maintenance. First built in the 1960s for rescue work, the Rigid Inflatable Boat has revolutionised the marine market. The Complete RIB Manual, published to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first RIB, is the ultimate reference catering all aspects of a RIB’s design, handling and maintenance, aimed at all owners and users, both commercial and leisure. The emphasis of the book is entirely practical, and covers:
a history of the RIB, early development, modern design: leisure, commercial and military. RIB Handling, impact of hull design, tube types, internal layout and engines. Driving techniques: throttle control and driving position. Advanced techniques for economy, sport and rough seas, Cruising: planning, weather, anchoring and communications. RIBs as tenders – stowing and towing, launching and transportation, safety and survival. Maintenance: outboards, diesels, water jets, stern drives, fuel tanks and electrics. Tube care: cleaning, repair, replacement. Hull maintenance, winter storage, checking for leaks, servicing. The Complete RIB Manual is a comprehensive worldwide reference for all RIB owners and users, covering all the information necessary to handle and maintain a RIB of any size. HB 270p

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