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Complete Fishing Bible Second Edition

The Complete Fishing Bible - 3rd Edition

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Completely updated edition of this best seller with details of over 17 new species, as well as three new chapters with extra tips on fishing techniques, details of when a particular fish is in season and the ever important facts about whether the species is edible or not. Sections also include where to find a particular species so that time is not wasted out on the water going after a fish that may not be there. As well as the great back-to-basic information that is in the updated edition, there are new sections on: Advanced Live Baiting; Canoeing and Surface Lures. There is also a guide to being a better angler; tips on how to catch a feed; fishing at night; a focus on sustainable fishing; releasing fish rights; safe boating and fishing with the family. Alistair is also well known for his photography and has included new and stunning shots that he has taken on his adventures.
HB 541 pages


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