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The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew

The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew

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The real situations experienced during extended cruising and appropriate responses are the focus of this comprehensive book which contains relevant advice on nearly every cruising situation imaginable, with a strong emphasis on how those situations impact the crew.

The authors are professional sailors and have been full-time cruising sailors for over forty-five years. Their vast experience and precise writing skill enable them to expertly address a wide range of topics, and the book clearly demonstrates their mastery of the care and feeding of sailing crew.

The book is divided into 52 chapters and two indices. Each chapter presents a logged day of a sailing cruise, noting weather and sailing conditions, and covers items which are appropriate to that particular stage of an extended cruise. The concepts are emphasized with enjoyable anecdotes which illustrate the importance of preparation and adaptability. Topics include nearly everything imaginable, ranging from menu planning and food purchase and storage, through cooking methods and preservation techniques, to fishing and keeping the crew well-clothed. The authors’ cruising experience ensures the hints are appropriate across a variety of weather and climate conditions. For example, rough-weather food preparation is contrasted with calm-weather cooking using limited galley facilities. The text dispenses with theory and focuses on the reality of small-craft living.

The tone of the book is personal and engaging; the coverage of the topic is masterful and authoritative. Now in its revised 4rd edition, the book is superbly edited and particularly well-balanced. The writing style is accessible and inviting and the material reads like a long letter from a personal friend–albeit a well-spoken friend with indisputably good advice and an incredibly interesting suite of daily experiences. Not only does the book instruct and encourage, it positively portrays cruising and draws the reader into the author’s world.

Part adventure book, part how-to guide, part personal history, and part cookbook, the text is fun, creative, and sure to please. Regardless of the reader’s level of sailing experience, the book has much to offer and ensures that the care and feeding of sailing crew will not only be possible, but an enjoyable component of future cruising.


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