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The Bay of Islands - Fishing, Diving, Cruising

The Bay of Islands - Fishing, Diving, Cruising

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After a traditional university education and too many years land-locked in Australia, Steve returned to Northland where he now teaches at his old school, Northland College. The Bay of Islands is his playground. Most weekends he finds time to get out on the water and to dangle a fishing-line over the side.

He has come to know the place like the back of his hand, and apart from a few heart-stopping moments (such as following a mast head light into Whale Bay when he thought it was a house-light at Opito Bay, or ending up high and dry on a Kerikeri Inlet mud bank at low tide one dark night), he can usually be relied upon to find his way about, even on the darkest of nights.

While fishing, snorkeling, and just cruising are among his great loves, he seems to have inherited a family passion for exploration and discovery. And sharing the magic of the place with more than family and friends has become something of a mission. “After all,” he says, “few people have the opportunity to live and play in paradise as a matter of course.”

For several years Steve has written a weekly fishing column for the regional Northern News and is a regular contributor to the New Zealand Fishing News. He has gained name as a fishing expert with a reputation as a snapper specialist. Catching big snapper is Steve’s challenge. Fourteen kg is his best. “A fluke,” he says; but those who fish with him know otherwise. Gathering and sharing fresh seafood (kaimoana) while boating with family and friends are his greatest pleasures.

City friends often ask why he lives in the north. “Why leave paradise?” is his usual retort.

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