Tamaya Marine Sextant MS-833

$3,500.00 GST

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The MS-833 is a full-size sextant.
It has many of the advanced features that a high-quality sextant has.
Built to meet tough standards and engineered for quality, the MS-833 professional marine sextant is the best-selling sextant offered by Tamaya.
Less than 18″ of arc
for -5 to 90 degrees
Reads from -5 to 125 degrees
Black finished aluminum plate on bronze
Radius 162mm
White engravings on a black plastic drum with aluminum knob, held securely to tangent screw with a special locking device.
1′ scale vernier reads to 0′.2
Lightweight aluminum alloy
with corrosion resistant black funish, bronze arc.
Rectangular, 57x42mm, aluminized on the rear side.
Circular, 57mm diameter.
The right half aluminized on the rear side.
4 for index mirror
3 for horizon mirror
4x40mm angle of view 7 degrees
or 7x35mm angle of view 6.5 degrees, all optics fully coated
On both arc and drum
2.0 kgs.