Survivors – Great Open Boat Voyages

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Mutiny, shipwrecks, escaped convicts, cannibalism, lost love and death are just some of the rich ingredients of eight real life stories of heroic voyages in small open boats.
These extraordinary survival stories include that of Capt William Bligh who, following the infamous Bounty mutiny, successfully navigated 3600 miles in an open boat from the South Pacific to Timor.
After his ship was crushed by ice, Ernest Shackleton and five crew battled unimaginable Antarctic storms and cold for sixteen days and nights to arrive on the wild and uninviting South Georgia Island. Failed in love, Fred Robell, said goodbye to Australia and sailed from Sydney to California in a second hand open boat with a small canvas shelter, using navigation skills learned from books in Sydney Public library and a pencil drawn copy of a map from an out of date atlas. 292 pages PB