Start Sailing Right DVD

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Now on DVD! The only basic sailing videos ever officially sanctioned
by U.S. Sailing and the American Red Cross. Rated 5 Stars!
Part 1 -Next to being on the water the best way to learn to sail is with
video instruction. Start Sailing Right is used in the US Sailing/American Red
Cross program – the instruction is first rate, comprehensive and
accurate. Learning is fun and easy with video! Techniques such as slow
motion, instant replay, stop action and animation enhance comprehension
of sailing skills. On-screen indexing makes subjects easy to locate.
Most important, Start Sailing Right teaches you the safe way to sail.
Highly recommended for youngsters, junior programs as well as adults
and inexperienced crew. PAL format.

Part 1 Sections:
1) Sailing Safety
2) The Sailboat
3) Lines & Knots
4) What Makes A Boat Sail
5) Capsize Recovery
6) Man Overboard
7) Introduction To Sails
8) Using Sails

Part 2 -Includes valuable sailing drills to make you a better sailor.
In Part 2 you will learn the skills and techniques to sail upwind and
downwind and how to trim your sails to sail well. You will also learn
to judge weather and currents plus how to safely leave shore and
return. One of the most valuable parts of this video is the section on
sailing drills. These drills help you to learn to sail better and to
sharpen your skills.