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Snorkel Bob- Some Fishes I Have Known

$34.95 GST

Snorkel Bob (aka Robert Wintner) remembers the day in 1955 when his father took him to a Walgreen’s in Miami for a two-dollar mask and snorkel—then down to the beach and into the shallow water. A three-inch sand crab waved in greeting from below, and Bobby looked up, sputtering to exclaim, “Oh, God! You can see everything!” Since then, Snorkel Bob has founded a snorkeling outfitters empire in Hawaii and developed a passion for the fish he loved as a child. Some Fishes I Have Known approaches fish as individuals—more than just a scientific inventory of teeth, a fin count, or a collection of stomach contents. Here they are beautifully photographed and appear to swim right off the page. Part photo essay, part plea for responsible conservation, part funny observation, this is a beautiful book for anyone with a love of nature. HB 192 pages.

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