Ship Stability at the Operational Level Nutshell Series Book 4

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In this book, formerly called “Ship Stability I”, ten chapters have been added, by transferring them down from “Ship Stability II”, to adequately cover the syllabuses for:-

  1. Officer in Charge of a Navigation Watch (formerly called Second Mate Foreign Going);
  2. The FY & SY BSc (Nautical Sciences) degree courses of the University of Mumbai;
  3. The FY & SY BSc (Nautical Sciences) degree courses of the Indian Maritime University;
  4. The three-year BSc (Nautical Technology) degree course of the University of Mumbai;
  5. The one-year Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) course of the Indian Maritime University.

This inclusion of ten more chapters here was needed because some topics like Cross Curves of Stability, Trim, etc are now part of the DNS course. Simpsons Rules are in the Mathematics syllabus of the first semester of DNS Course. Hence that chapter also has been brought down to this book. However, only a small part of this chapter is needed for the DNS course. The rest is for the Chief Mate Course.