Ship Knowledge

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Covering ship design construction and operation.What would a book be like if it included the combined wisdom of a veteran shipmaster, a seasoned naval architect, a chief engineer and a maritime academy professor? If such a thing is possible, this kind of vast array of maritime experience is offered in Ship Knowledge: A Modern Encyclopaedia. This book is perhaps the most comprehensive catalogue of ship construction and equipment available anywhere.Originally published in Dutch, Ship Knowledge resembles David Macaulays popular childrens book The Way Things Work in its accessibility. Yet it includes highly technical (not for children or novices) descriptions of each subject. The author uses full-colour illustrations and photographs on each page to explain how all manner of ships and marine equipment is constructed and repaired. (From a review by Twain Braden, quoted by permission of the publishers of Professional Mariner magazine. For more, see the June/July 2004 issue.) This splendid book attracted much interest when the English version reached the United States in 2004. It has now been extensively revised, expanded, and rewritten. 375 pages HB