Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake

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In December 1577 Sir Francis Drake set sail from Plymouth on a daring shipping raid to South America. But was there also a secret mission within the expedition – a part of the journey, under Queen Elizabeths orders, which would make Drakes quest one of the greatest voyages of discovery in history?
Samuel Bawlff gripping new book captures all the magic and audacity of Drakes supreme adventure in the Golden Hind: how, against all odds,in a tiny, under – eqipped vessel and at many points rescued only by his own indomitable self -belief, he became the first captain to sail all the way around the world – surviving storms and hostile coasts, shaking Spanish self – confidence, stealing a fortune and heralding Britains imperial future. But it also reveals the other hidden part of Drakes celebrated story: his voyage to the distant shores of North America and the mysterious strait of Anian, which would come to alter the way the world has seen but which for centuries remained shrouded in secrecy.
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