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Sea-Trading: A Series For The Shipbroker vol 3 – TRADING

$50.00 GST

This book, the second in the Sea-Trading series, is about cargoes, and is intended for the active trader, shipbroker and student alike, as well as for others wishing to have ready access to handy references on the carriage of seaborne goods. Unlike most previous books on cargoes, it concentrates not on stevedoring practice or seamanship, but approaches this broad subject from the often ignored commercial and trading viewpoint, advising where certain goods originate; listing prominent importing countries and trade routes; and explaining the uses to which commodities are put; at the same time referring to the principal charter parties and trade documents involved. The aim has been to provide a guide to stowage, carriage, and handling, and the difficulties and dangers associated with everyday and not so common commodities which will be encountered.

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