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Sailing Sabbatical: A Family Adventure

$29.95 GST

When two yachties John and Karen meet in the Clipper Bar in Porto Cervo, Sardinia at a yacht race in the summer of 2000, John soon decides that she is the right women to cross oceans with, maybe even sail around the world.

Twelve years and two children later, work-weary and tired, John decides to become master of his own time, at least for a while, and convinces his employer of the need for a one-year sabbatical. The family sets out for a winter in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen followed by a 10-month cruise around the Mediterranean on their sailing boat.

Then the greatest challenge: Crossing the Atlantic Ocean as part of a yacht rally…

This is not a book mainly about sailing, but about an 18-month break from everyday life, a family sabbatical.

Author: Dr Karen Eriksen

paperback : 416 pages

SKU: P73715


About the Author

German-born economist Karen Eriksen worked as a financial journalist in London’s City when she met her Australian husband at a sailing event. Now a house wife and mother of two in Sydney she freelances as travel and yachting journalist whenever there is a story to tell. Setting out on a lengthy cruise was her husband’s dream, but she helped to make it come true. They almost didn’t leave when their son was being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, shortly before the family was set to leave Australia. But medical professionals recommended a changed environment and the boy prospered. Crossing an ocean with two children had not been on the bucket list for her, but turned out the achievement of a life time.

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