Sailing Alone Around the World

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A Family Retraces Joshua Slocums Voyage.
Guy Bernardin, a French racing sailor, buys a replica of the SPRAY and takes his wife and 3-year-old son on a circumnavigation retracing Joshua Slocums famous voyage. It is 1995 and Guy, Annick and Briac will spend the next three years travelling around the world in SPRAY OF SAINT BRIAC. First, on a trial run, they leave from Newport, get to Guys native Brittany, and then go on to Portugal, Spain and a new crossing of the Atlantic, the Caribbean and back to New England via the Intracoastal Waterway.
Then, familiar with the SPRAY, and their life on board, they follow in the wake of Slocum. The Atlantic, where they escape Hurricane Chantal, the Azores, Tenerife, Culebra, the Panama Canal, the Pacific, the Tuamotus to Australia, the Indian Ocean, South Africa, the South Atlantic with a stop at St. Helena, and back to Newport in time to participate in the anniversarys celebrations.
Bernardin brings a fresh look to this travelogue. An expert sailor, he enjoys himself in what seems to him easy sailing. He introduces his young child to life on a boat and discovers the whole world at the same time. This is the story of a happy family at sea. Mindful of the past, Slocum and his own grandfather, a Cape Horner, Bernardin takes his son on an adventure that he hopes his son will always remember.H/B 230 Pages.