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Safer Offshore

$29.95 GST

No skipper should ever take a vessel or crew onto the open ocean without the means to cope with the unthinkable, because in an uncontrolled environment we can’t know what will go wrong. Disasters occur because of a cascade of untoward events; the best seamen are able to interrupt this sequence and circumvent tragic outcomes. Safer Offshore catalogs solutions to real life situations and provides the reader with information seldom discussed by other authors: how to manage emergency situations and crises on the open ocean where no help is available. Learn about emergency communications, how to deal with flooding or fire, how to repair a faulty engine. how to cope with medical emergencies, helicopter evacuation, abandon ship techniques, surviving in the life raft, and much more. This book provides crucial information that can help make an ocean sailor truly Safer Offshore. “During 30+ years of high-seas voyaging, Ed Mapes has seen his fair share of would-be catastrophes: blown sails, lost steering, broken rigs and other potential nightmares. In Safer Offshore, assisted by clear, concise diagrams and photographs, he coolly, calmly addresses all these situations and many more. All sailors heading over the horizon would be wise to carry Ed’s hard-earned insights, experience and advice on their shipboard bookshelf.” Herb McCormick PB 292 pages

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