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RYA – Sail Trim Handbook for Cruisers

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The RYA Sail Trim Handbook for Cruisers is crammed with useful tips and pointers on one of the fundamentals of good seamanship: sail trim. The book focuses more on the needs of the cruising sailor as opposed to the out-and-out racer. After all, a well-trimmed cruising yacht will be better balanced, easier to handle, and will sail more comfortably.

Sail trim can be bewildering to the novice but the RYA Sail Trim Handbook talks you through the subject in an informative yet entertaining manner. The book is further enhanced by a range of clear, well thought-out illustrations.

Chapters include:

How Sails Work
Jibs & Genoas
Sailing Upwind
Heavy Weather Sailing
Trade Wind Sailing

Ultimately this book will have you itching to get back afloat and tinkering with the trim of your sails.

Publisher: RYA
Author: Rob Gibson
Paperback: Pages 88
Edition: 2010
Reprinted: 2021
Dimensions: 240×170
ISBN: 9781906435578
SKU: RP294

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