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Rule 10 TSS – Traffic Separation Scheme

$57.50 GST

This new textbook on traffic separation schemes is intended to fill a gap in the available study materials – as explained by author Kevin Vallance in our profile on page 29. Written by an experienced deepsea pilot, the guide helps readers to understand a vital aspect of the international collision regulations and put the rules into practice.

Clearly and attractively laid out, Rule 10 TSS uses illustrations and contrasting colours to make the subject matter easily digestible. Captain Vallance told the Telegraph that readability was at the forefront of his mind when writing the book, and he particularly wanted to make it accessible to mariners whose first language is not English.

Efforts have been made to choose recent and highly relevant case studies, in order to bring home the importance of the Colregs and help students to realise that this is not an academic exercise. In addition, the price has been kept at a reasonable level and the paperback format isn’t too weighty, so there’s no excuse not to have a look at the book. Let’s hope everyone who needs this gets a copy and that safety at sea improves accordingly.

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