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Rig Basics

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Rig Basics – How to Look After Your Mast, Rigging and Sails, is Petrospot’s first foray into the sailing and yachting sector. Written by Kim Skov-Nielsen, a hugely experienced round-the-world yachtsman and active marine surveyor, this book provides a concise, informative and clearly-written outline of what an owner or operator must take into consideration when looking after the mast, rigging and sails. It is also a highly useful guide to what a surveyor should be looking at when surveying a rig.

Kim Skov-Nielsen has worked full-time in the marine industry since 1979, primarily as a yacht skipper and ocean racer. He has sailed over 150,000 blue water miles worldwide, amassing a wide range of valuable experience including building boats, sailing them around the world, being bosun on a 12-metre yacht in the America’s Cup and taking on the role of project manager at America’s Cup and Whitbread Round the World Race level.
PB 66 pages

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