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Practical Small Boat Designs

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Out of print for much too long… we’ve brought this book back to life, adding a new foreword by Mike O’Brien*.
As fans of Atkin designs well know, the name Atkin has long been associated with the best in basic boats. If you are looking for the “right little boat” to build–or have built–or if you just enjoy dreaming over boat plans, you’ll be more than pleased with this collection of John an Billy Atkin’s most successful designs.


Willy Winship: 14′ flat-bottom racing skiff
Liza Jane: 19′ v-bottomed knockabout
Shore Liner: 24′ flat-bottomed jib-headed sloop
New Sister: 24′ flat-bottomed gaff-headed sloop
Tri-Trainer: 10’10” flat-bottomed sailing skiff
Erika: 14’9″ flat-bottomed sailing skiff
Martha Green: 24′ skipjack powerboat
Nina: 11’4″ flat-bottomed sailing skiff
Florence Oakland: 22’5″ v-bottomed schooner
Valgerda: 18’7″ Hardangersjekte
Great Bear: 28′ flat-bottomed sloop
James Samuel: 20′ flat-bottomed catboat
Schatze: 7’10” pram
Ninigret: 22′ v-bottomed bassboat
Finkeldink: 9′ pram
Bruce Conklin: 15’6″ pulling boat
Cabin Boy: 7’6″ flat-bottomed skiff
Elon Jessup: 16’6-3/8″ flat-bottomed outboard
Tom Davin: 20′ 3/4″ flat-bottomed skiff
Amos Brown: 22’4-3/4″ v-bottomed sloop
Flipper: 10’1/2″ flat-bottomed sailing skiff
Pollard 19: 19′ fast powerboat
Wild Onion: 18′ v-bottomed sloop
Awake: 13’11” Swampscott rowing dory
Petey Dink CM: 6’6″ round-bottomed pram
Handy Andy: 8′ round-bottomed sailing dinghy
James Samuel, Jr.: 17’1″ flat-bottomed catboat
Sedge: 15’3″ flat-bottomed outboard
PB 175 pages

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