Practical Boat Bits and Tips

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Back in 1970, when Jack & Jude first began building Banyandah, finding good ideas and ways to do boatie things was more difficult than actually doing the work. If they could see it, they could build it, and one book that they treasured was Alan Lucas’ “Just Cruising”.
A lot of miles have slipped past since launching Banyandah in 1973.
They honed our skills until they were competent enough to actually build vessels for others and be paid handsomely for their labours. For two decades they built quality cabinetry with smart joinery and lovely clear finishes. Jude has been documenting the many very workable features of Banyandah and she has worked diligently to bring them to you. In Practical Boat Bits and Tips are the simplest and best ideas, illustrated in photographs, diagrams and her words. Best take her word, she’s the one keeping Banyandah in top shape.