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Photography at Sea

$49.95 GST

Sailing yachts under full sail, motorboats with huge bow waves, seemingly impossible angles and close encounters — even before you factor in the spray-filled atmosphere, blinding sunlight, fast-moving targets and an unstable platform, photography at sea is a very tricky proposition. But it is an attractive one. The glamour and the excitement can result in amazing photographs, but it helps to have some expert guidance.
In this full-colour, highly illustrated guide, one of the world’s leading yachting photographers explains how to get the best shot, looking at all the elements a budding yachting photographer will need to cover, including:
Composing the shot
Capturing groups, fast action, reflections
Dealing with confined interiors
Taking dramatic creative shots, up the mast/from the bows etc.
This is a unique, informative and instructive book, and for those back from a day on the water, it will be an inspiring and attractive addition to any bookshelf. PB 160 pages.

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