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Patagonia & Tierra Del Fuego Nautical Guide

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by Mariolina Rolfo & Giorgio Ardrizzi

This pilot guide, now at its third edition, aims to report the local conditions and knowledge with the greatest accuracy, in order that these 2,400 miles of water can be navigated safely. The work is divided into two sections.

The first section contains subjects of general interest such as flora, fauna, geology, history and heritage.

The second part is strictly nautical and is the result of eleven years experience in sailing these waters. The authors have selected and personally tested over 400 anchorages, all noted with accurate descriptions and drawings so as to provide the necessary information for a safe navigation. Moreover, this section is improved by the inclusion of notes regarding meteorology, radio frequencies, yacht preparation, rules of navigating and information about Chile and Argentina.

The pilot guide includes:

– 433 items with anchorages, coves and harbour’s

– 449 general and detailed charts

– 148 drawings and historical pictures

– 93 colour prints and 39 B&W prints

  • 3rd Edition

Hardback : 719 pages

SKU: P62495

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