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Pacific Odyssey

$27.95 GST

The South Pacific Islands conjure dreams of romantic charm and escape from the pressures of modern life – but is this a true picture of real life on the Islands today? Gwenda Cornell sailed to these Islands to discover the quality of life, history and culture of the peoples who inhabit these remote and beautiful places.

Sailing with her family on the yacht Aventura, Gwenda explores many corners of the Pacific that can still only be reached by sea. The odyssey takes her to the mysteries of Easter Island, to Samoa and to the descendants of the Bounty mutineers on Pitcairn. Gwenda witnesses history in the making in Tuvalu’s birth as a nation and finds the last royal nose-flute player in Tonga.

The exuberance with which the Pacific Islanders enjoy their lives bears witness to Gwenda’s final analysis that ‘the South Pacific remains a peaceful oasis in a troubled world and the “Pacific Way” can serve as an inspiration to those who live in a fast-moving, competitive society.

Gwenda Cornell and her husband Jimmy (bestselling author of World Cruising Routes) spent three years in the Pacific during a six-year circumnavigation. Whilst Jimmy has written about the practical aspects of long-distance cruising, helping others to achieve their dreams, Gwenda has written about the same routes and destinations from the viewpoint of someone fascinated by the people and places found there.

PB 267 pages

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