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Oil Tankers : A Pocket Safety Guide (2022 Edition) e-book

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This publication explores best practices on tankers carrying crude oil and petroleum products and provides a good introduction to safe tanker operations and standards.

Suitable for seafarers who may be rejoining a tanker after leave, or for a person with little or no experience on tankers, this title contains basic safety information for seafarers of all ranks and positions.

This publication should be read in conjunction with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, which details standards for a company’s safety management system (SMS) and operating manuals.

All crew members working with dangerous cargoes should have a clear understanding of operations on board a tanker. Through the use of technical diagrams and supporting text, this publication details various tanker types and covers all safety measures to be employed during fire, environmental and operational hazards. Cyber security is also explained, with graphics illustrating the various cyber threats facing ships today. The publication is supplemented by a glossary of technical terms, helping readers familiarise themselves with any new shipboard terminology. Further information may be sought from the publication, ‘ISGOTT: the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals’.

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