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North U. Trim

$65.00 GST

NORTH U RACING TRIM The most complete book on modern sailing performance

To win races you have to sail fast. Performance Racing Trim shows you how. The TRIM book gives complete coverage to upwind and downwind sail trim and boat handling, including mainsail and genoa trim, helming and the trim and handling of both conventional and asymmetric spinnakers.

Learn how angle of attack, depth and twist effect performance. See how changes in pole position change spinnaker shape. Understand your options for spinnaker takedowns. Special sections on Trim Solutions solve the most baffling performance problems, while the boat handling skills and drills show you how to turn your crew into a team. Packed with illustrations, written to be read, the 208 page Trim book will teach you techniques you can use in your next race.

Author: by Bill Gladstone
Paperback : 208 pages
SKU: P6278

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