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Navigating the Edge

$19.95 GST

A search for identity. The story of a woman on the high seas . . .

Thirty-year-old Justine de Villiers has an ideal life – able to paint, supported by her rich father. When her father’s boat is found drifting off the coast of South Africa, with no sign of Pieter de Villiers, Justine is swamped by loss and grief. But she is also swept away by an overwhelming sense of freedom.

Single-handedly she sails his boat, the “Phoenix”, back to Cape Town, and the trip convinces her that this is what she wants to do with her life. She joins up with Heron, an old friend of her father’s who becomes her lover, and an older woman called Andy, who is also escaping her own past. The three of them sail to St Helena – Heron and Andy in his boat, Justine aboard the “Phoenix”.

Then a prisoner from St Helena escapes to Justine’s boat, a man she knew in another life. She agrees to take him to Brazil, but en route realises his mental state is rapidly deteriorating. Deteriorating to the point where it becomes clear only one of them will survive . . .

In the tradition of ‘Dead Calm’, Jill Knight’s ‘Navigating The Edge’ is a fast-paced, powerful, gripping thriller.

Paperback: 342 Pages

Author: Jill Knight

SKU: P56805

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